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Christian Dating for Religious Seekers

Have you ever had that feeling of specialness? Have you ever thought that God has a special partner for you, someone who matches and complements you fully? Have you ever got upset due to the fact that you cannot find this person? Well, most likely, all the answers are positive. Don’t worry now because we are going to help you via this Christian dating site. Sit back, relax, and we will show you how the Instasingle platform works.

We know from our own experience how important healthy relationships are. For every Christian, the matter of family is vital. It is important to find a person for lifelong relationships, a person who can understand you, a person who will love you and share your love to God. Sadly, this task becomes more and more difficult in the modern world. We are surrounded by non-Christian values and non-Christian dating sites.

Instasingle tries to change this situation. While even solid reputable platforms tend to ignore traditional ideals, we rely on them heavily. According to the biblical principles, we want our users to build a strong connection before moving towards. For this, our free Christian dating system offers comprehensive matchmaking that connects compatible people. Using the service, you can talk to other Christian singles without unnecessary temptations.

Further, we want to talk about the nature of Christian online dating, advantages of Instasingle, and ways in which we preserve essential values.

Feature-Rich Christian Dating for Free

In the very beginning, let’s agree on one thing. It is not a secret that there are dozens of contrast Christian denominations. From Amish to Eastern Orthodox churches, Christians have extremely diverse religious views and interpretations of the Bible. Surely, these differences affect relationship aspects. Christian dating websites may provide various suggestions, proving them with quotations from both the Old and the New Testament. And this may confuse you.

That is why we rely on the most basic principles of Christian culture. Our site accepts all people, regardless of their denomination, location, gender, political views, and so on. Primarily, we believe that the Christian concept of love is based on the idea of self-giving God. He loves us and he makes us loved. It was said that we love because God loved us (1 John 4:19). And it was said that love is the greatest virtue (1 Corinthians 13:13).

Remembering these basics, let’s move to the main features of our site, which offers Christian dating for free. At Instasingle, we know how challenging it may be to find your true love that will last forever. To make the process simpler, we build an innovative platform. Rest assured, all the modern technologies we use are acceptable for Christians who can afford to use the Internet, messengers or social networks.

Without further ado, look at our five prominent functions:

  • All services are free. According to the concept of Christian giving, we offer our services for free for all customers. You can create your personal profile, search for other singles, talk to them, send meeting requests, and so on. While even the best Christian dating sites force you to pay, we remember the idea of unselfishness and provide free dating.
  • Matchmaking finds your perfect partners. Instasingle is different from other free Christian dating sites on the tech level, too. While fast-paced services rely on photo swiping and likes, we offer a more comprehensive and meaningful approach. Based on personal details, our system can suggest the most compatible partners who share the same values.
  • Profiles and search can be customized. Well, so how users can enable the benefits of this unique matchmaking? Nothing can be simpler. To start, you only need to fill the profile details. There are dozens of customizable lines, including core life values and partner preferences. You also can customize user search like on traditional Christian dating sites free.
  • Your data is private. Undoubtedly, we realize that each person wants to keep his/her data secure. For this, we use the most advanced protective measures like high-end website encryption. Still, you should know that unexpected accidents are possible. Even the best free Christian dating sites face overwhelming security threats. But God protects us, firstly!
  • Support works constantly. Finally, we want to help you at any day and time. Hence, the support center of Instasingle works 24/7/365. Christian dating operators are always ready to help you with tech or interface questions, suggest the best dating approach based on Christian principles. Feel free to reach us in the chat, via email or even in social media.

Hope, this list can help you to figure out how our Christian dating site works. Keeping these features in mind, let’s now talk more about the culture and attitude to relationships. We want to be on the same page with all our clients so you can trust us one of the most important things in one’s life: personal happiness based on true love.

Praising True Christian Values

The best Christian dating sites fail to connect to their audience. The problem is in their positioning. These platforms want to change Christian singles, to offer them new methods. Unlike these poor game-changers, we realize the real demands of Christian users. The modern world becomes too fast-paced, too innovative. But we stay grounded and traditional, offering dating services based on the basic and common Christian values.

Often, people ask us how to build relationships according to the Bible. And we answer that there are various understandings of this holy text. That is why Instasingle focuses on providing Christian dating for free and making genuine connections. We allow people to specify their ideals and beliefs, then we just find other Christian singles with the same principles. As a result, compatible couples can focus on their happy life together.

Overall, we defined two rules for Christian online dating and generally God-pleasing dating:

  • Love God. Remember, love God with all soul and heart (Mark 12:30). It is barely possible to love other people and to build real everlasting relationships without loving God. Moreover, no one can love you honestly if they do not love God. For this, it is crucial to share common ideals with your future life partner.
  • Trust other people. This point is vital for couples that just start their journey. It often happens that people do something wrong. At these moments, you should rely on close ones who know you and who can help you in times of uncertainty. Of course, you can talk to your Father. Otherwise, feel free to contact our support if you have questions.

Apart from these two golden concepts, you should share other virtues with your partners. Always be honest and open, be ready to discuss anything. Share your faith as a couple, pray together, study the Bible. Free Christian dating services allow you to do this via the Internet. It is much safer to get to know each other in the distance because you can love the personality, not the appearance only. Of course, this also protects you from various temptations.

Based on the mentioned Christian dating rules, our services also include some vital tools for healthy relationships. For example, you can explore the Hot for You section that lists the most compatible singles spotted by our matchmaking algorithm. This feature allows you to find people who also love God and ready to work on mindful relationships. Depending on the goals set, you can just talk to become good friends or move to marriage together.

You Will Not Need Other Christian Dating Sites

Summing up, we should admit that online dating remains unfamiliar for many Christian people. Building a Christian dating site, we want to change this situation. We share your values and help in the search for that special one. Your fates are already connected, just take this last step and find your true love!

Enter Instasingle, create your profile, customize it, and try all our features for free. You can delete the account at any time. But we think that you will find our platform different from many other Christian dating websites. Hope, you will enjoy it and finally find a person who also wants to love you through love for God.

And may God bless you!