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Discover Halal Muslim Dating: Secure, Private, and Simple

There are a lot of stereotypes about Muslim culture: arranged weddings, extremely strict informal rules and laws, and so on. While these concepts were common for the majority of Muslim countries earlier, they start to change and adapt to new realities. As new generations rise, Muslims adopt Western values, mix them with religious principles, and build their own modern society.

Particularly, this trend affects Muslim dating. Generally, seniors associate the term with premarital relationships, including prohibited ones like public display of affection, kissing, and sex. Still, millennials and members of Generation Z share a different vision. They think that dating can be halal. Staying religious, young Muslims start dating actively today.

Hence, Muslim dating sites are becoming more popular. Some singles prefer using traditional apps and services while others choose tailored Muslim websites with extra features. Instasingle combines both approaches, offering the most complete experience. Our platform is safe, private, and user-friendly. We welcome religious and non-religious people, conservative and open-minded, from Arab countries and other regions.

In this guide, we’re going to unveil the main features of our Muslim dating website. In addition, we want to quickly check the extra functionality provided by other Muslim dating sites. Knowing them, you can choose your perfect service provider. Finally, we’ll talk about traditional and modern approaches to Muslim dating. Let’s start!

Why Should You Choose Instasingle?

Why are nearly all modern dating platforms unsuitable for Muslims? The answer is simple. They focus on quick dating without building strong fundamentals for serious relationships. This approach is inappropriate if you want to know your partner, nurture meaningful, emotional, and halal relationships.

Our Muslim dating site is different. With Instasingle, you can start interacting with the chosen partner online without haste. Proceed with real communication when you know the person and trust him or her. For the best Muslim dating experience based on this approach, we developed five core features.

  • Completely free services. It’s always free to customize your profile, search for partners, chat, send meeting requests, add profiles to favorites, and so on. Our core functions are available to all users. Thus, you can try the site and enjoy all-in-one dating services as long as you want. Singles who seek extra functionality can get premium access to more additions.
  • Custom matching algorithm. Instasingle is a Muslim dating site with one unique feature that sets it apart. We have custom matchmaking principles. By analyzing user profiles, the algorithm determines, which singles are the most compatible. Moreover, the system suggests the best matches regularly. To find them, check the Hot for You tab.
  • Personalized support. Our support department works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re always one message or one call away. You can address any questions and issues to professional operators using the phone number, the email address, or the chat integrated into our Muslim dating website. All requests are private!
  • Private dating. It’s not a secret that many older Muslims consider dating (and online dating, of course) too dangerous for the young. Thus, we care about your privacy. You can use a nickname to hide your real name, for instance. All data within the site is encrypted. Finally, we don’t disclose personal information about our users.
  • Customizable accounts. To find a compatible partner for lifelong relationships, you may want to ‘fine-tune’ our matching tool. It works best when it has access to data-rich profiles. Thus, you can easily customize your personal details, as well as information about the preferred match. Age, income, ethnicity, relationship types — there are dozens of filters.

A combination of the listed features allows all Muslim singles to date safely via Instasingle. Still, our Muslim dating website evolves, and we’re looking at other options to add.

Which Features Other Muslim Dating Sites Offer?

As we’ve mentioned, there are other Muslim dating sites with unique features. While we don’t want to overload our users by offering extra services, we realize that some customers want to get access to more unique features. That’s why we’re always open to your feedback. Below, you can find a few notable functions of Muslim-tailored dating solutions. If you feel that you need any of them on our platform, just contact the support team.

  • Chaperones. Chaperones are third-party users who can oversee your messaging with other singles. Of course, you should trust them to give access to messages. Chaperones act as mature tutors who protect young Muslims from wrong actions and even words. It’s a great safety measure for all who’s in doubt.
  • Hidden photos. Often, Muslim dating sites offer not only nicknames but extra privacy options. For example, they allow blurring your personal photos so that other users can’t see them. Thus, your family can never identify your profile. Surely, photos can be revealed to trusted singles — men or women who you’re going to date.
  • ● Religious filters. Apart from age, sex, location, and other filters, websites offer specific options for Muslims. You can filter users by sect, ethnicity, dress types, pray preferences, religious views, and more. This customization makes Muslim dating more personalized as you can find the most compatible partner faster.

Currently, we don’t plan to add these features to our Muslim dating site. However, our customer center is open 24/7. Feel free to send your requests there. If we find out that a lot of our current or future customers want to see a specific feature, we’ll consider adding it. Besides, if you have a bright idea of other features that are not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to call us or write a mail.

How Modern Muslim Singles Date?

Now, let’s also explore the current trends in Muslim dating. We can’t be 100% sure about your personal approach but we explore the changes, analyze customers, and interact with our users to identify their wishes and pains. Thus, we know how young Muslims work on their relationships and how their parents react to modern trends. Below, we unveil two sides of the Muslim world.

Firstly, think about senior Muslims. They are highly conservative. They stick to the idea of arranged weddings and want to keep their kids within the traditional Muslim society. They don’t support Muslim dating because it’s haram. Islam prohibits open premarital relationships, and elderly Muslims believe that all forms of dating should be prohibited, too.

As for younger singles, the situation is completely different. They live in a more globalized world and feel the influence of Western values. However, they remain religious and learn to comply with the rules even at modern Muslim dating sites. Islam doesn’t prohibit love so singles date while keeping things emotional and purely platonic.

Finally, consider another important factor. Muslims live in many countries, and all of them stick to a different level of Islamic strictness. For instance, Iraq prohibits some facilities — it’s impossible to find a Muslim dating website there. At the same time, there are Muslims that live in European countries, which are open to online dating.

Sign up – And Start Your Own Love Journey

At the end of the day, Muslim dating differs by age, country, and personal views. There are Muslim singles who want to meet a reliable person, get to know each other, and finally, marry before engaging in any physical relationship. There are also young people who live outside of Islamic countries and want to meet locals — Europeans, Americans, Australians. Our platform supports all customers and delivers the required services.

To start, you should register and set up your profile, that’s it. Customize your preferences, and our matchmaking solution will do everything else. With it, your dating journey will be simple and convenient. Time to find your love, right?