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Instasingle – a Traditional Dating Website for Real Relationships

Did you know that 48% of men and 28% of women tend to fall in love at first sight? Although the figures may look huge, they do not prove that sudden love happens often. Needless to say that for love to flourish, both partners should work on their relationships. This approach will let you find true love and a partner for life.

Sadly, many modern apps and dating websites deny this idea. They offer fast-pacing matchmaking, photo swiping, targeted ads, one-night stands, etc. Surely, these concepts work, too. They’re good for people who seek so-called fast love, just like fast food. But you don’t need it, do you?

Instasingle is a traditional dating website that encourages users to find true soulmates, either for relationship, marriage or friendship. Thanks to our matchmaking system, you can find the most suitable partners around the globe. Of course, we offer free dating services for all our customers.

Online Dating Services without Prejudice

There are dozens of free dating sites that focus on one or another category, race, ethnic group, social layer, etc. We think that love has no borders or limits so Instasingle is all about diversity. We realize that it may be pretty difficult to find a person with whom you share the same values. But you have high chances of finding such a person at our online dating platform.

Our members are unique. Who are these people? A girl from Ipanema who adores surfing and wants to travel the world. A British surgeon who’s looking for a tender partner to spend the life together. A photographer from Vienna in search of somebody to discuss art. An ex-soldier who wants to forget the past. There are myriads of stories, each associated with a real person who you can find on one of the best dating sites.

Here are links to the most popular website sections. Take a look:

  • Asian dating;
  • Black dating;
  • Christian dating;
  • Jewish dating;
  • Senior dating.

In terms of locations, our website has a truly wide coverage. Just go to the search tab. From San Francisco to Buenos Aires, from Sydney to Tokyo, we are open to everybody. Still, the number of locations depends on the number of users. Now, the majority of them are from America.

When it comes to features, our platform has something that stands out among other free online dating sites.

Prominent Features for Singles

Instasingle is an online dating site that follows the best market practices and turns them into polished services. We offer a completely free dating experience with a focus on strong long-lasting relationships. Users can customize their profiles and set wishes to find the best-matching partners. This becomes possible thanks to our matchmaking algorithm. As other top-rated free dating websites, our platform has 24/7/365 customer support and takes the necessary measures to protect your data.

To discover all the advantages, just follow three simple steps:

  • Sign up or log in to enter your account. Ensure that you’re older than 18.
  • Fill in the profile by specifying bio-details and info about the preferable partner.
  • Check the profiles of other users suggested by our system, and start chatting.

Now, let’s briefly overview the key features and benefits that you can find on our free dating site.

Completely Free Service with Upgrades

We know how difficult it may be to find a reliable partner. And we don’t like the idea of making essential dating features paid. How can one use dating sites (free or premium by their nature) that don’t allow them to send messages without paying? An itch for gain is ruining the industry because people don’t trust such offers.

Hence, we plan Instasingle as a free online dating site. You get access to all the general features without paying a cent. Thus, you can edit profile details, search for partners, talk to them, look at your profile visitors, check favorites, send presents and meeting requests. There are extra premium features like access to additional photos but they aren’t obligatory for users.

Extensive Customization

As we’ve mentioned, free dating websites often limit their functions. This is not the case with our platform — make sure yourself.

Generally, we have two customization areas for clients:

  • Profile. Here, you can add photos, change your headline, marital status, astrological sign, sexual orientation, personal info like appearance and lifestyle, as well as the ideal partner’s description and details;
  • Search. When looking for true love, you should be as accurate as possible. You can specify sex, location, age range, etc. There are filters that show only online users or ones with verified photos. Also, you can search by name.

General tech details are customizable, too. You can find them in your account — for instance, status, email, password, notifications, and privacy settings.

Matchmaking that Finds Ideal Couples

User matching isn’t rocket science but it relies on advanced algorithms unavailable for customers of most free dating sites. Instasingle utilizes its own solution that results in the module called Hot for You. It’s a dedicated section that contains user profiles that match your description perfectly. The system relies on personal details so try to fill in all the lines to get the most tailored suggestions. It’s your unique possibility to find a real perfect match.

Round-the-Clock Support

Despite we have built a totally free dating site, we want to help our customers regardless of the date and time. That’s why our support team works 24/7, 365 days a year. At any moment, you can reach us by email, in-built instant chat, social media page, or in any other available way. Sometimes, we may be under a high load so minor delays are possible. Sorry for that, our operators are humans, and they want to help everybody on their path to true love.

If you have any questions or requests, contact us at [email protected].

Secure and Private Dating

Finally, data privacy is one of the most popular concerns about online dating sites. It’s clear that a lot of people want to keep their dating activities secret due to various reasons. At the end of the day, it’s your data and your life that you should keep under control. At Instasingle, we value your privacy so we try to make this dating site highly secure. The platform relies on advanced tech and organizational measures.

However, by entering our free online dating system, you accept the risks of data leaks and breaches. Sadly, we can’t guarantee 100% reliability of security software because of numerous unpredictable factors. Still, we ensure that we do our best. For more info, feel free to explore our Privacy Policy.

Choose the Best Option Among All Dating Websites

We hope, after checking this guide, it is now clear how Instasingle works and whether it can be useful for you. We realize that there are dozens of other free online dating sites, and it may be challenging to compete for customer attention. But we’re sure that our service is top-notch. Several factors prove this statement:

  • It’s free.
  • It’s customizable.
  • It connects soulmates.
  • It remains private.

We don’t know whether you will find your ideal spouse right after registration. No dating site can guarantee that. But we can provide you with the essential tools to succeed in this search. Describe yourself, set preferences, look for partners, communicate, and meet them. Our matchmaking algorithm will help by suggesting users with similar wishes and values.

Don’t hesitate, start exploring Instasingle today! It’s your unique chance, so don’t miss out.