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Geek Dating – The Mighty Quest for Real Love

What do you know about geeks? Depending on your social and cultural background, you may consider this term pejorative or generally positive. Sadly, a lot of people still have negative associations with geeks, see them as socially awkward, strange, boring, and ugly persons. Nevertheless, this trend is weakening. More often, geeks appear as highly intelligent enthusiasts who’re deeply into a specific hobby or activity related to intellect.

That’s why geek dating is also moving away from negative connotations. In this guide, we’re going to convince you that building a relationship with a geek is an exciting adventure. Of course, we also want to help all geeks around to meet their soulmates, start new relationships, or settle down. In fact, this article combines hints for geek-to-geek dating and useful info for people who’re currently out of the culture but want to get in.

Precisely, we have a few useful sections for you. The first one is about the features of our geek dating site called Instasingle. In it, you can learn why this platform is the right choice. Here’s a quick spoiler: we’re far beyond mindless swiping. Instead, we focus on deep connections based on personal stories. Think you can describe D&D rules for a newbie? Maybe, you’re a fan of Bradbury? Or know why SpaceX is the best company in the world? Welcome!

The second section takes vital info from many geek dating sites and explains the fundamentals of geek dating. In this part, you can learn the essence of geekiness and discover the main advantages of relationships with intellectual-rich persons. This part should help both newcomers who’re going to join the geek world and experienced love-seekers who just need one last hint to find their true life partners.

Without further ado, let’s begin! Oh, and note that we can use geek and nerd as interchangeable words. There’s a slight difference but we’ll neglect it.

Geek Dating Sites and Their Top Features

Our first quest is to identify the main features of Instasingle. Of course, we’ve studied competitors and our potential customers before launching the site. That’s why our offer is the combination of the most demanded functions, according to many geek singles. This combo makes our platform the best geek dating site that also doesn’t discriminate against other users.

The thing is that many geek to geek dating services are barely suitable for non-geek persons. They face many challenges, from entering the community to understanding specific terms. Instead, our solution is for all. Nerds can find here several useful features that help them search for compatible partners. And other customers also can use the system without issues.

That’s why Instasingle is a geek dating website you should try, undoubtedly. And we have five points to convince you to do this:

  • Always-on support team. It’s typical for geeks to figure out everything independently, without external help. However, we want to make the geek dating experience smooth and simple for everybody. That’s why the support center is working 24/7. Operators can answer any question related to Instasingle functions, capabilities, and dating nuances.
  • No payments at all. We mean, everything’s free. The problem with general geek dating sites is that many of them set high fees. Geeks often earn solid money thanks to their creativity and intelligence. But we don’t want to complicate things. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a top IT manager or a student who adores video games. Instasingle is free for you.
  • ● Customization. This point includes two features. Profile customization on our free Asian dating site allows you to change personal info and describe your ideal partner. Secondly, search customization supports several filters, including sex, age, location, photos, and so on.
  • Rich customization of everything. Nerds appreciate the opportunity to make any activity unique and personalized. And we provide this option. Using this geek dating app, you can write a detailed bio, mention your favorite authors or TV shows, tell about your education, work, and hobby. Of course, it’s possible to describe the geek partner of your dreams.
  • Sufficient level of privacy. Historically, geek culture is much older than the Internet. But modern understandings connect these two concepts. That’s why a lot of nerds value safety and privacy, especially online. With us, you shouldn’t worry about potential data leaks or breaches as the website is encrypted and messages are protected.
  • The best geek matchmaking. Well, this one is the most essential part. We enable unique geek-to-geek dating through the matching algorithm. This matchmaking system finds the most compatible users based on their profiles.

These features may be good for you but not great enough. In this case, our contact center is always open. If you want us to add some features from other geek dating sites or improve existing functions, feel free to ask us directly. We can’t promise an immediate upgrade but we’ll consider all the suggestions.

Dating Nerds and Geeks – Key Things to Note

The second part of the guide is to help you understand geeks. First things first, let’s analyze the term. We really like the version from Urban Dictionary. It says that “a geek is a person you harass in school and end up working for in adult life”. The Cambridge Dictionary has more traditional definitions: “intelligent but not popular” and “very interested in a specific subject”. Overall, geeks are hidden gems, winners with amazing potential.

Moving further, there are a few advantages of geek-to-geek dating. As well, these points are valid for couples with only one nerd in them. Not everyone realizes all these cool things so we want to remind them. Here are ten amazing features of relationships with geeks:

  • Attention to detail. Rest assured that your partner will remember your favorite meal, remind about the aunt’s birthday, and suggest the best clothing color scheme. Geeks always pay close attention to the tiniest nuances.
  • Career success. It’s no surprise that nerds are valuable employees. They reach success in many areas and on various job positions, from software engineers to CEOs of the largest brands. And our best geek dating website can find these gems.
  • Geeky is the new black. Earlier, these people were like outcasts. Even adults faced many problems with socialization. Today, things change. Nerds are popular because the entire world becomes more tech-oriented.
  • Great entertainment. Forget about boring movies and awkward restaurants. Dating with a geek means having plenty of amazing films to watch, video and board games to play, cool places to visit. Have you ever been to an abandoned castle? That’s it.
  • Intense loyalty. What we really like at this geek dating site is when people connect online but stay together in real life for many years. With nerds, you have a lot of chances to build reliable relationships because these singles can defend what they love.
  • Long-term thinking. Continuing the discussion of strong relationships, we should say that a lot of geeks think globally. These are people who change the world. And they take this long-term planning to personal life, caring about the happiness of partners.
  • New style, new appearance. In movies, we often see geeks as fouls, with trashy rooms, greasy hair, lack of any social skills. Don’t get fooled. Modern nerds are mostly stylish perfectionists with clean homes full of top design things.
  • Sense of humor. It’s still not a cakewalk to be a geek in school or university. That’s why people learn not to be too serious. Geek-to-geek dating is often full of fun because nerds know how to laugh at themselves and joke without malice.
  • Strong logic. Life isn’t simple, it sets many challenges. And geeks know how to overcome them. Most often, they think clearly, logically. They always have a plan and a backup plan. Simultaneously, they can be open to improvisation and creativity.
  • Tech-savviness. The last thing to mention is pretty obvious. Many nerds adore technologies and can educate friends and partners. Needless to say that this knowledge is essential in our hi-tech world.

Concluding these points, we can clearly state that nerds are extremely interesting and definitely not boring people. They don’t pretend to be better than they are. They always have a topic to discuss, from particle physics to late Gainsborough. They can help partners and friends to learn new things, try new hobbies. In other words, geek dating is exciting but it also can result in the strongest relationships of your life. Just because these people value others.

Join the Party, Find Your Mate on Our Geek Dating App

In conclusion, there’s not too much to say. This geek dating website is a convenient place to start searching for your nerdy love. With us, you can use dating services completely for free, trying different approaches, and talking to various interesting people. Take your time. Get to know the site and its users. Chat with geeks from around the world. Meet when you’re ready. And be sure that you’ll find that person who also has that Mario cartridge.